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Fuel Challenger

Pushing Actros to new heights of fuel efficiency.

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  • The Arocs

    Power. Robustness. Efficiency. The new force in construction.

  • The Atego

    Value, Efficiency and Dedication. The new benchmark in distribution transport.

  • The latest from the FUSO range

    The new FUSO Canter is here, sold and serviced through the vast Mercedes-Benz Dealer network.

  • The new truck configurator

    Experience the new range by configuring your own truck. See 360 degree interior and exterior views, download specification sheets and much more.

  • Uprate / Downrate Tool

    Maximise the benefit of your Mercedes-Benz. Key models in our range may be altered to meet certain legislative breakpoints, find out more here.

  • FleetBoard® Telematics

    FleetBoard® measures the performance of truck and driver on every journey with it’s grading system.